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Increase productivity in manufacturing lines with AI-powered video analytics and digitized engineering tools

Automatically gather cycle time data,
Create your production’s digital twin,
Design – Optimize – Improve your production lines.

Let the AI do the hard work,

spend your time on valuable decision-making

Automate time study with AI-based video analytics
Automatically gather cycle time data by using our cutting-edge AI technology. Identify root causes or lean production gains through various graphics and automatically highlighted production videos.

Create your production’s digital twin
Use digitized engineering tools for a deeper method analysis. Create a digital twin of your manufacturing lines by using your own true data – gathered from thousands of cycle times.

Design and optimize your production
Increase your productivity by doing line balancing, planning, and continuously improving activities in an easy and fast way on a single platform.


Let’s list just a few of the advantages that Khenda offers you…


Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based computing and storage. Ready to use from day one.


No Installation Required

No need for any physical installation of a camera, PC, or network infrastructure.


Unlimited Usage

Analyses for unlimited time and numerous stations in one facility during the license term.

How To Use Platform


Record Video

Record video of the process via any video recorder; IP camera, cell phone, or tablet for the desired production time range.



Login to your private account on Khenda web platform and upload your video recording in the ‘upload’ section.


Get Result

Access the reports and graphs with enhanced engineering tools for process improvement.


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