Enhancing Productivity Using Time Study

When you work in the manufacturing industry of any kind, your enterprise’s duty is to ensure every work is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Well, is there a way to measure every work like this? Can enterprises really identify the best way to do something, and if so, how do they do it?

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How to Drive Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

In the economic situation, most companies are facing today, many are looking for short-term strategies to maintain their operations. However, what is clear from looking at the history of successful companies is that long-term strategies, such as continuous improvement, cannot be abandoned for future growth and success.

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Achieving Line Balancing in the Manufacturing Industry

The need for manufacturing firms to adopt the line balancing technique has become crucial to optimize the assembly lines as well as reducing the production time and maximizing output. Line balancing is a strategy that determines an intended rate of production to produce a particular product within a specific frame of time.

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Role of Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing

In recent years, Six Sigma has become one of the most influential quality management methodologies in the world. Six Sigma, which has its origin in manufacturing, is also deployed in the banking sector, healthcare, and software development. A new iteration of the methodology that adds lean management principles to Six Sigma; is Lean Six Sigma.

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Integrating Kaizen Methods to Improve Company Performance

The Kaizen method brings together several simple principles aimed at continuous improvement, based on the constant small positive changes that can result in more significant growth. According to the method, each employee should continuously question his or her activities and way of working, aiming to optimize them in stages.

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Root Cause Analysis in Manufacturing Operations

Every manufacturing process has its inefficiencies and these inefficiencies often lead to losses that harm the bottom line. When you have production problems in your manufacturing process, it’s essential to find and solve those concerns before they impact your company on a huge scale.

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How Big Data and AI Affect Kaizen

AI and Big Data are two closely related technologies; Artificial Intelligence feeds on the stored data and uses it for Big Data analysis, achieving the improvements and optimizations that these technologies allow. In industries, Big Data optimizes the performance of machines and devices. Big Data analysis helps machines and devices to become more efficient, intelligent and autonomous.

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